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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are my opening times?

You will set your operating times, we recommend your office opening times should be between 8:00am and 6:00pm, out of hours your calls should be directed to your mobile.

2. What does it cost?

The Costs are fully outlined in the proposal and state that the licensee will bid for the territory rights at auction and pay Pony Express a license fee starting from £200 + VAT per month.

3. Do I get a website?

Yes.   You get your own website and you get a page on our national website with your full details.  This landing page can be advertised and will inform the customer of your full details and will have the ability to send you emails.

4. What literature do I get?

Pony Express does not supply you with literature, however you are welcome to all of our artwork for our literature and are free to use.  As a gesture Pony Express may supply some literature from time to time.

5. What do I get?

You get a license to operate as Pony Express in your awarded area.

6. How does it benefit me?

Being part of a national network will be most rewarding and you will benefit from support from a strong network and a national presence will enable you to expand quicker.

7. What if I already own a courier company?

If you already own a courier company then this opportunity is ideal for you, as overheads will already have been met and you could run the Pony Express license alongside your existing business. 

8. How many jobs will I get?

The number of jobs your business does all depends on how hard you work on advertising and marketing your territory.

9. What advertising is done?

As a licensee you are free to advertise your territory as you wish, on our part we will advertise Pony Express as a whole nationally, bringing potential customers to our licensees.

10. How much can I earn?

The earning potential all depends on your dedication, enthusiasm, drive and motivation.  You can potentially earn a very good income from your business.

11. How many drivers do I need?

You can start with one driver and recruit as you get busier, if you are running short on drivers you could always ask the nearest Pony Express Fellow Licensee to cover jobs for you.  You will grow your business together growing your driver list.

12. What support will I receive?

You will receive unlimited support from us, this will be free for the life of the License. 

13. What are the hidden costs?

In purchasing a Territory License the costs involved are clearly outlined, you will not pay us any other monies other than auction end fee and license fee.  All other costs will be your own overheads from the operating and running a business.  These costs may be from accountants, fuel, vehicle hire, advertising, sub-contractors and rent.

14. Why would I buy your license?

To get involved in a national network of couriers with further expansion plans, also our license fee and costs are lower than any other on the market.

15. How long have I got to get the relevant papers into place after the auction?

You must supply all your documents within ten days of auction end along with your license fee.

16. How soon can I start trading as a Pony Express Licensee?

You may start trading as soon as we receive your paperwork and fees.

17. What is the difference between a license and a franchise?

A franchise is a model and methodology that one must follow to successfully operate, to make the business a success, franchises are procedures that have been in place and perfected by the franchisor.

A Licence is a right to conduct and operate a successful business using current or own methods.  The right is given by the intellectual property holder to use for profit the licensors intellectual property.

18. Do you guarantee an income?

Like all businesses we do not make any guarantees on how much money you will earn.

19. Can I resell my license?

You are free to resell your license at any time as long as you notify us in writing and the new licensee is vetted by us.

20. Can I sub-contract my area to others?

You may sub-contract your area, you will need to get permission from us in writing.

21. Can more than one person own the license (partners)?

Yes, we encourage partnerships as more people involved is better for the overall business.

22. Can I purchase the license and leave it dormant until I am ready to use it?

You have a maximum period of 12 months to start operating your business.

23. Can I buy more than one area?

You are allowed to purchase as many licenses as you like, as long as you have the capability to operate all of them.

24. Can I buy the license and not trade to stop potential competitors from operating in my area?

No you cannot and if we find that you are misusing your license, your license will be revoked and no refunds will be given.

25. What is the overnight/nextday network?

The overnight/nextday network is what we will together work towards in the future.  We will build an infrastructure to collect and deliver parcels nationwide using the hub and spoke method.

26. Who sets the prices for customers?

You set the prices you charge your customers, we can advise what you should charge but ultimately it will be your decision.

27. Do I get a link to the national Pony Express website?

If you decide to have your own website you can have a link placed on the Pony Express website.

28. Do I get an email address?

We will give you your own email addresses to use with your business.

29. What kind of person would be ideal?

The person would be highly motivated, pro-active and is ready for a challenge.

30. How much money do I need after the auction to get me going?

This all depends on how fast you want your business to grow, although we recommend you have about £1000.00 for operating costs.

31. Do I need relevant experience of the sector?

No prior experience required, however any experience would be of an advantage.  If you have no or little experience we will guide you and you can learn as you grow your business.  What you will definatly need is drive and enthusiasm for the business

32. Do I need to know how to run a business?

Any experience you may have of running a business would help in starting any business, with Pony Express the model is very simple and would make an ideal opportunity for someone starting out in business for the first time.  You will receive unlimited support from us and in time you will have gained all the relevant experience and will require our guidance less often.

33. Will I have to cope with making sales and bringing in business?

Yes, you will take responsibility for generating sales for your own business.  You can do this by placing adverts in free online sites such as Gumtree and Vivastreet. 

Nationally Pony Express will continue its advertising campaigns creating brand awareness, this will drive potential customers to your details on our website.

34. What exclusivity do I have for my license?

The UK is divided into territories as part of the national license expansion programme. The size and nature of the territory awarded by the license agreement will depend on the postcodes.  The license agreement will give you exclusive rights to your postcode prefix.

35. Is my license legally protected?

All licensees sign a license agreement with the Pony Express in order to secure their license, the main function of which is to clearly set out the extent of the rights to be granted, the territory in which those rights apply, the exclusivity of the rights in the territory and the term in which the rights exist. A typical agreement will outline the licensee's exclusive rights to market and build a business.




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