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Dedicated Van Couriers from UK to Europe

The following are prices for dedicated service from Telford into all major European cities.  The cost includes ferry, tunnel crossing and tolls.  The price you see is the price you pay.  The prices are from City to City; if your delivery destination is more than 10 miles away from the delivery city please call our office to ensure an accurate quotation.


City     from Telford
Amsterdam                                                £750
Athens         £2650
Barcelona                                                £1350
Bari                                            £1750
Belgrade                                                     £1800
Berlin                                                               £1100
Brittany                                                          £950
Brussels                                                          £650
Bucharest                                                   £2000
Budapest                                                     £1500
Calais                                                                £500
Charleroi                                                        £700
Copenhagen                                              £1180
Dortmund                                                     £800
Dublin                                                              £470
Dusseldorf                                                    £780
Frankfurt                                                       £900
Geneva                                                            £1050
Gibraltar                                                      £1850
Hamburg                                                       £1000
Hannover                                                      £925
Istanbul                                                       £2410
Lisbon                                                            £1900
Madrid                                                           £1500
Milan                                                              £1185
Munich                                                            £1135
Oslo                                                                £1550
Paris                                                                 £700
Prague                                                          £1200
Rome                                                             £1550
St Petersburg                                           £2050
Sofia                                                              £2070
Stockholm                                                 £1610
Stuttgart                                                       £1000
Toulouse                                                      £1200
Vienna                                                           £1350
Warsaw                                                       £1435
Zurich                                                              £1050


 * all prices exclude VAT

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